Trimmer Srl - Equipment and technologies for surface preparation
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About Us

TRIMMBLAST® equipment, TRIMMER's range of shot blasting machines, represent a qualified and modern approach to correct surface preparation. The surface to be prepared is impacted and abraded by steel abrasive being propelled at high velocity.
Abrasive and debris removed pass through a separator. Pulverized abrasive media, dust and contaminants are removed and the re-usable abrasive is returned into circulation for immediate re-use, while the debris is deposited in an environmental container for future disposal in proper place.
TRIMMBLAST® is a totally “neutral” and dry system, neither water nor any other additives are used, providing the best adhesion for subsequent toppings to be applied.

TRIMMBLAST equipment, TRIMMER’s range of shot blasting machines

TRIMMBLAST®'s range includes models with working width varying from 20 cm to 140 cm.
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